Where are you located?

3611 St. Johns Bluff Rd S. Jacksonville, FL 32224 We're located in Jacksonville Florida, on St. Johns Bluff Rd just south of Beach Blvd. in the strip with Domino's, next to Larry's Giant Subs.

Do you do custom cookies? How much are they?

Absolutely! Though due to the custom nature of each order, prices vary by design. For pricing information for custom/personalized cookie orders please contact us. You can also contact the shop directly to book a consultation appointment to come into the shop and discuss your options!

How much ahead of time do I need to place a decorated cookie order?

Due to the amount of time and labor that goes into making each individual cookie, while the more time we have to prepare for your order the better (in order to ensure instock availabilty of all components), we do require a MINIMUM of 3 business days for orders of 6 dozen or less, and 7 business days for orders 7 dozen and up.

Do you make anything other than cookies?

While we specialize in cookies, we love the opportunity to bake new recipes! We often make cupcakes, cakepops and even hard candy lollipops for clients. If you are looking for a particular dessert please don't hesitate to contact us.

Do you do logo/image cookies?

We're happy to say that most of our orders are for corporate logos.
We currently offer custom edible image cookies with varying border options.
Additionally, we're now offering 'screen printed' logos for a cleaner look without the necessary border options as with the edible images. This design requires a $20 startup fee and a minimum 3 week advanced notice for your first order in order to get the stencil made for your custom logo. *Please note that due to different screen display settings, printer settings and food color mixing by hand, logo/image colors may vary slightly from the original for both edible image and silkscreen logos.*

Do you do character cookies?

Unfortunately, at this time, while we may be able to provide 'inspired by' sets, we cannot fulfill orders for copyrighted material. These include character cookies, fonts and icons from various popular entities, including but not limited to: Disney, DC Comics, Marvel, etc. Copyright infringement can carry a fine of up to $250,000 and up to five years in prison; and while small businesses may seem like small fish to consumers, large companies take their brand and how it's represented very seriously, allowing only select few the right to reproduce their material. However, other companies may have more lenient policies on copyrighted content and in order to get exactly what you're looking for, another shop may be a better fit for the particular set.

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